Care Packages

Blue Star Mothers NY7 supports our military personnel by sending care packages.  Please note the following Guidelines:

Individual Care Packages

  1. BSM NY7 will send a generic care package to any deployed military member.
  2. To request a care package, please send an email to with the words “Care Package” in the subject line.  Please provide the name and full address of the service member you would like to receive a care package, as well as your name, address and contact information so that we can let you know when the package is sent.
  3. Items sent to deployed service members are donated, and requests for specific items cannot be granted.
  4. The care package will be compiled within 10 days of the request, and shipped to the service member. Receipt is dependent on shipping address and shipping method.  BSM NY7 cannot guarantee receipt by a specific date.
  5. A generic card with a greeting from BSM NY7 will be included in the package.
  6. Shipping/mailing costs are covered by BSM N7; donations are greatly appreciated.

Care Packages for Units/Troops/Multiple Service Members

  1. Requests to send care packages to entire troops and/or units must include the number of packages requested, complete mailing address, and relationship (if any) to a BSM chapter member. Requests will be submitted to the Executive Board and chapter for consideration.
  2. Upon approval, the chapter will request donations and establish a date/time/location for assembly of the care packages.
  3. Only approved items will be sent to troops. Requests for specific items cannot be granted.
  4. A generic card with a greeting from BSM NY7 (or other organization/school who would like to participate) will be included in each package.
  5. Packages will be shipped in the most cost-effective manner, and at the discretion of the BSM NY7 Executive Board.



BSM NY7 is a not-for-profit organization and relies on donations to help defay the cost of our care packages.  If you or your organization would like to donate items to send to our troops, or monetary donations to help cover shipping expenses, please send an email to  Thank you!